• Sonali Awasthii

Night Time Skin Care Products Worth Considering

The general misconception that has limited the idea of good health to physical fitness alone is likely to be the chief reason why both men and women nowadays, face skin problems like Xeroderma (dry skin), Seborrhoea (oily skin), whiteheads, blackheads, open pores, acne, pimples and dark spots. In their endeavor to achieve a perfect physique, many people don't realize that they are ignoring the most important part of their body - the skin.

Even if you don’t apply cosmetics, exposure to atmospheric pollution and radiation from electronic devices calls for considerable care of your skin; especially before heading off to bed at night.

As an ambitious Delhite model coping with a hectic modeling schedule and a smoggy environment every day, I make sure to perform my nightly skin care routine for sustaining the health and smoothness of my skin.

After trying several products, I finally came across the ones ideal to be a part of my skin care practice. These products are suitable for all skin types and can be used throughout the year, irrespective of the seasonal changes.

1. Estee Lauder‘s Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

The serum not only increases night-time rejuvenation effect of the moisturizer that you apply but also helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, making you look much younger. I used this before applying any cream and within a month I received the astonishing results. My skin looked even toned, creamier and fresher. It has also improved my skin’s texture. You can’t afford not to include this in your nightly ritual. It’s oil-free and has appeared in Vogue’s Beauty Heroes series, too. Avoid using any electronic device after applying the serum for boosting its effectivity.

2. Himalaya Herbals’ Refreshing and Clarifying Toner

For deep cleansing of your pores, retention of your skin's freshness and control of excess oil secretion – you can undoubtedly rely on this toner. Its key ingredients - Citrus Lemon and Boerhavia Roo - work as natural astringents and leave your skin hydrated, clear, soft and radiant. It has a lovely fragrance and is easy on the pocket, too. The toner is simple to use and all you'll need is a cotton pad to gently wipe your face and neck with it. This not only lessens the adverse effects of makeup but also helps in getting a beautiful and clear skin.

3. Organic Harvest’s Skin Lightning Cream

After applying Himalaya’s face toner, I go for this cream. I've been using it since a long time and the results are amazing. Owing to the nature of my profession, I spend most of my day with makeup on which makes my skin dry and itchy. Nevertheless, this cream relieves me of my apprehension. I make sure to apply it not only at night but also before I put on concealer, foundation, compact or other such cosmetics. Besides, it prevents the formation of excess melanin and reduces damage caused to skin due to UV rays. I’ve actually began to notice my skin getting brighter- slowly but surely. ;)

4. UrbanBotanics Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

Along with restoring the radiance of your skin, this almond oil will also help in promoting healthy growth of your hair. It nourishes your skin deeply, lightens dark circles, treats puffy eyes and heals scars, rashes and cracked lips as well. It helps in treating dry scalp and makes hair silky and shiny. As it is non-sticky, I also use it as a makeup remover.

I hope that your experience with these skin care products turns out to be as happy and satisfying as mine. (

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