• Sonali Awasthii

My Unforgettable Photo-Shoot at a Haunted House

Updated: May 28, 2020

A call from my photographer one evening, informing me about a photo shoot, filled me with thrill and excitement. This shoot was quite different from the ones we usually do. I had always yearned for getting an exotic shoot done amongst the ruins and scraps surrounding an old haunted house. And at last, we had discovered such a place. It was on the outskirts of Gurgaon - far away from my city, Delhi. Though I would have detested the idea of visiting a place believed to be inhabited by otherworldly creatures yet my passion for my work kept me determined to try this new spot. Finally, the day came and I set off for the destination with my team. On our way, we struggled with the Google Maps for nearly two hours and talked of all spooky and hilarious possibilities of encountering spirits there.

We reached there and began our shoot. The experience of posing before the crevices in the wall of the ghostly house, encircled by discarded broken buses and airplanes, was utterly amazing. Everything went unperturbed until we were at the verge of completing the shoot and an unsurprising horror came our way. So far, we had only imagined the possibility of a translucent or shadowy horrid figure as an interruption in our work. But what affrighted us was a human with a bearing more distressing than that of a phantom.

He was a policeman carrying his long and thick baton, asking us boorishly if we had the permission to shoot there. I was shocked and baffled for I had no idea of how we would be dealing with the situation. My photographer explained that the area had long been in use for some or the other purpose and no one had ever been asked to present an official permit. However, the man turned out to be obstinate and was determined to take our camera and other props in custody. We all looked at each other anxiously. When we failed in our endeavor to convince this pertinacious fella, I bucked up the courage and expressed my wish of having a word with the person in authority. The policeman felt tongue-tied and it seemed pretty obvious that he didn't actually know the person concerned in the matter. After some pointless arguments, he went off and we took a sigh of relief.

Draculas, witches or wraiths - we didn't stumble on any immortal creature that could make our blood run cold in the spooky house, but an earthly being that scared the hell out of us!

Have you ever experienced such weird and funny incidents? If yes, then do share your experiences in the comment section. ;)

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