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Trendy and Comfortable Clothes to Beat the Summer Heat

Trendy and Comfortable Clothes

No matter whether you make a trip, go to your place of work, college or stroll in the streets of the city; it’s extremely important to stay in your comfort zone and clothes undoubtedly hold a great importance in this respect. The time of the year is here when many of you might find it difficult to select the appropriate garments that'll make you feel both beautiful and comfy in the hot and humid weather. Nevertheless, I have come up with some up-to-date clothes for summer that are best to fight the season with elegance and style.

Be at ease with the Entrance Test Look

Well, the look has been named so for a special reason. Many students sit every summer for some or the other kind of entrance examination in places that might not be amply ventilated. This leaves many of them clueless regarding what they should be going for that doesn’t disrupt their concentration by making them feel sweaty and humid. I have experienced this myself, a few days ago, while giving an entrance test and I could see girls around me feeling utterly disgusted and humiliated by the sultry heat that made it difficult to focus their attention.

The best attire for such occasions is a classy tee or a tank top that can be matched with a plazo to look your best without compromising on your comfort zone. Also, the choice of footwear is not an issue as both heels and flats look amazing with this look. And of course, a bun is a wise choice to keep your body and soul cool in the sweltering weather.

Look Cool and Kicky

Summer vacations are here and you might have planned out trips to enjoy the holidays. However, your choice of clothes holds a great significance to make your outing an enjoyable and memorable experience. Though like majority of girls jeans are my all-time favourite too but I never settle on it during the time when summer season is at its peak.

The best alternative to a jean look are denim shorts (or hot pants) that can be paired up with any type of upper garment.

I’ve matched it with a casual black crop-top as well as a shimmery black top. You can go for the latter look if there’s a summer party on the cards.

Easy Escape with Rompers

Rompers are great when you don't want to overdress yet wish to appear jaunty and this very reason makes them one of the best summer clothes. When you want free yourself from the apprehension of matching or contrasting the upper and the lower clothing, just get hold of a romper. As they are one piece, you’ll find them utterly comfy and relaxing. Moreover, they look amazing on all body types.

I absolutely love wearing my baby pink romper with heels of the same color. Sneakers can also look amazing with it. As for the accessories, you must ponder over only on the choice of earrings to keep up with the simplicity and gracefulness of a romper. I picked up pink colored jhumkas for I love to give western dresses an Indian touch.

The Fever of Sheer

Sheers come under the category of most fashionable summer clothes for girls. To look and feel cool in the scorching heat of the sun, a sheath dress is a great choice. I opted for this designer transparent dress on the top of a blue short and a white top. I chose the light colors to prevent excessive sweating; and I picked up beige colored block-heels to contrast it with the white-bluish appearance of the dress. This look can be considered for parties as well.

So, get ready to enjoy the season with these summer dresses that'll surely make you look chicky and fabulous!

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