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Beauty Care Routine with Essential Oils

Despite being familiar with the side effects of chemical based beauty products, it’s surprising to see people favoring them over the natural ones - that are not only safe but ensure long lasting results, too. Of all the gifts of nature, the one which considerably helps with face care and hair treatment is the miraculous ‘essential oil’. Sadly, the benefits of essential oils are little known to the common man and are popular only amongst the beauty and skin care industries. Bearing this in mind, I decided to come up with this blogpost to share certain advantages of some extracted oils and the best ways to use them for your personal care.

1. For Dark Circles - #How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

So, let’s first begin with this most commonly faced problem. I too had these annoying circles sometime back that made my face look quite dull and tired. Nevertheless, the organic way of treating the ugly rings under my eyes worked very well for me. I prepared a solution with:

- 10ml of water

- 2 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

- 2 drops of Tea tree Oil

You can preserve the solution in a bottle and apply on the affected area with a cotton ball. Continue this for at least 1 week. If you feel any irritation on the skin, reduce the amount of oil drops from two to one.

2. For Skin Whitening - #Skin Care at Home

Every woman desires a clear and healthy glowing skin as that of a baby - to always feel young and beautiful. And for getting this natural glow on face, one isn’t required to do much. All that would be needed is:

- Some natural aloevera gel

- 1 drop of lemon essential oil.

Stir the oil drop in the aloevera and tenderly spread it on your face and neck. Use it for a week and the see amazing results for yourself.

3. For Dark Patchy Armpits – #Underarm Whitening Home Remedy

Though it might be hard for some people to believe but essential oils are used to lighten underarms as well. It helped me to easily get rid of my dark armpits and now, I confidently go for sleeveless dresses and tube tops. Here’s how I did it. Just mix:

- Two drops of lemon essential oil

- Two drops of Gulab Jal (Rose Water).

Apply the solution with the help of cotton and then after keeping it for 15 minutes, wash it gently with water. You can use it on a daily basis.

4. For Hairfall - #Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Seasonal changes, bad diet, pregnancy and what not? A woman’s body has to bear innumerable changes that directly affect the health of her hair. But you don’t need to worry about going for thorough medications in this case. Just prepare a natural hair oil using these ingredients:

- One spoon Spatula Ghee

- Two drops of lemon essential oil

- Two drops of tea tree oil.

Use your finger tips to gently massage your hair follicles with this mixture for better blood circulation. Avoid the touch of nails on your hair roots as they increase the problem of hairfall. Apply it after every two days.

5. For Injury Marks - #How to Get Rid of Scars

For best scar treatment, essential oils are always the ideal choice. However, the time taken to lighten the marks of an injury depends on their severity. So, with them you have to be patient. But undeniably, using essential oils will speed up the natural process of healing the scars. To treat them you just need:

- 1 drop of lemon essential oil

Apply it on the affected area(s) for two months and keep it overnight. Gradually, you will see the marks vanishing.

I hope that with these simple and effective ways of using essential oils, you’ll be able to keep your hair and skin – healthy and happy! If you have an opinion to share, do not hesitate from speaking your heart out in the comment section.

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