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5 Protein Foods and Drinks for A Perfectly Fit Body

If you’re a hardcore gymer or an athlete involving yourself in vigorous physical activities, you very well know the high demand of energy required to be fueled by your body. Though it’s good to everyday challenge your activeness and strength but you also ought to bear in mind the daily need of essential nutrients for maintaining your bone and muscle health. Also, you must not let yourself be driven by this great misconception of eating less or skipping your meals altogether, for attainment of a perfect physique. It will just terribly affect you and defeat your purpose of maintaining a healthy and fit body.

Protein is one of the primary nutrients needed for overall strength and functioning of the human body. This is why, high protein foods are recommended to all those excessively sweating out in gyms and sports.

To help you know the best sources of protein, here are the recipes for some healthy homemade protein shakes and high protein meals that should be a part of your protein diet.

Healthy Shakes

1. Horlicks Peanut Protein Shake

As there is high amount of protein in peanuts, one glass of this yummilicious whey protein shake is great for body builders. Besides, it’s rich in fibres, vitamins and fat and, is helpful to curb hunger cravings for a long duration.

Ingredients (for 1 glass of serving):

· 200 grams of yoghurt (simple or flavored)

· 2 bananas

· A scoop of Horlicks Whey Protein

· Handful of Peanuts

· Pinch of cinnamon

Prepare this healthy shake by simply blending all these ingredients in a mixer.

2. Avocado Protein Shake

This shake is best for all those doing high intensity workout. Being rich in protein with less of carbohydrates and fats, it’s good for improving muscle strength and losing weight.

Ingredients (Serving – 1 Glass):

· 4 nuts (of your choice)

· Half avocado

· 1 scoop of vanilla

· Protein Powder

· 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

You can even add some drops of honey to enhance its taste.

3. Oats Protein Shake

This shake will aid in quick weight gain as it is high in protein and fibre.

Ingredients (Serving – 1 Glass):

· 2 bananas

· 2 scoop of oats

· 1 scoop whey protein

· Handful of berries, almonds and cashew nuts

You can have this protein shake for breakfast or after 10 minutes of your gyming.

4. Beetroot- Apple Smoothie

This yoghurt protein shake is great for those who want rapid weight shed. Moreover, it’s a post-workout drink that helps in providing instant energy.

Ingredients (Serving – 1 Glass):

· Half Beetroot

· 200 g of youghurt or curd

· 1 scoop of Whey Protein

· 1 apple

You can add honey to this beet smoothie.

5. Spinach-Berry Smoothie

There are countless benefits of raw spinach. It’s not only a good source of protein but iron as well.

Ingredients (Serving – 1 Glass):

· Some spinach leaves

· 1 Spoon of whey protein – strawberry flavor

· 200 gm yoghurt

· Berries blast

You can take this green smoothie both as a pre-workout and post-workout drink.

Healthy Meals

1. Veg/Chicken Poha

Poha (flattened rice) is a well-known protein rich food that keeps you full for hours.

Ingredients (Serving – 1 Plate):

· Flattened Rice (Poha)

· Roasted Potato/Chicken

· Salt

· Seasoning

· Cinnamon

· Black pepper

· Chilly

· MCT or Coconut Oil

For Poha:

ü Energy – 326 Kcal

ü Fat – 14 g

ü Carbohydrates – 46 g

ü Protein – 30 g

For Chicken:

ü Energy – 296

ü Fat – 45 g

ü Carbohydrates – 5 g

ü Protein – 11 g

How to make it:

· First wash poha flakes with water and let them dry after 3 or 4 washes

· Half boil the vegetables of your choice (suggested - tomatoes, bell pepper, beans and broccoli) and chop them

· Add MCT or coconut oil in pan

· Add the chopped veggies

· Sprinkle salt, seasoning, cinnamon, black pepper and chilly

· Add poha and stir it to mix all the ingredients together

You can have it as your breakfast or dinner.

2. BBQ Saucy Paneer/Chicken with Brown Rice

This is indubitably one of the healthiest breakfasts that just taste damn good!

Ingredients (Serving – 1 Plate):

· Paneer(Cottage Cheese) – 25 g/Chicken – 38 g

· Brown rice

· BBQ Sauce

· Some chopped broccoli, bell pepper and tomatoes

For Paneer:

ü Energy –

ü Fat –

ü Carbohydrates –

ü Protein –

For Chicken:

ü Energy – 296 kcal

ü Fat – 45 g

ü Carbohydrates – 5 g

ü Protein – 11 g

Ingredients for BBQ Sauce:

§ 3 Spoon Tomato Ketchup

§ 1 Spoon Regular Vinegar/ Apple Cider Vinegar

§ 1 spoon of garlic paste

§ Half spoon salt

§ ½ black pepper

How to make it:

· Grill the paneer/chicken

· Take a pan and add oil into it

· Sauté all vegetables

· Now mix all the ingredients with the BBQ sauce

· Boil brown rice and serve it hot with the saucy gravy

3. Quinoa Vegan/Chicken Salad

It’s one of the best sources of vegetarian protein that has numerous health benefits. Moreover, this delicious vegan quinoa recipe can be cooked with chicken too for non-vegetarians.

Ingredients (Serving – 1 Plate):

· Quinoa (and breast chicken - optional)

· Vegetables (of your choice)

· Tomato Sauce

· Salt

· Seasoning

· Black pepper

· Coconut Oil

For Quinoa:

ü Energy – 153 kcal

ü Fat – 4 g

ü Carbohydrates – 27 g

ü Protein – 6 g

For Chicken:

ü Energy – 296

ü Fat – 45 g

ü Carbohydrates – 5 g

ü Protein – 11 g

How to make it:

· Boil Quinoa

· Sauté all vegetables in coconut oil

· Add salt, seasonings and black pepper

· Let it cook for a few minutes

· (Now mix the chicken)

4. Nachos Vegetable Salad

With this easy nachos recipe, you won’t be required to spend much time in your breakfast preparation.

Ingredients (Serving – 1 Plate)

· Nachos

· Vegetables

· Corn

· Broccoli

· MCT oil or coconut

· Salt

· Seasoning

· Black pepper

ü Energy –

ü Fat –

ü Carbohydrates –

ü Protein –

How to make it:

· Fry the nachos in oil

· Mix nachos with all the other ingredients

Your healthy nachos salad is ready.

5. Whole Meal

The best part about this whole meal is that you can go for noodles, a ham, a chicken, or a fish – as per what fits you.

Ingredients (Serving – 1 Plate)

· Whole Wheat Noodles/ Ham/Chicken/Fish

· Carrot

· Cabbage

· Broccoli

· Peanut

· Garlic Paste

· Corn

For Noodles:

ü Energy – 322 kcal

ü Fat – 8 g

ü Carbohydrates – 35 g

ü Protein – 15 g

For Ham:

ü Energy – 240 kcal

ü Fat – 4 g

ü Carbohydrates – 26 g

ü Protein – 29 g

For Fish:

ü Energy – 205 kcal

ü Fat – 4 g

ü Carbohydrates – 11 g

ü Protein – 25 g

How to make it:

· Boil the noodles/ham/chicken/fish

· Cook all the vegetables in oil

· Add salt, seasoning, black pepper, coriander and garlic paste

· Add your noodles/meat and mix it with the other ingredients

Savor it with some rice or rotties.

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